Yearbook Orders

The yearbook Committee would like to welcome all the students back to school! We look forward to making a yearbook that will record the students during their everyday participation at school as well as during the special activities.

You can order your yearbooks online at using the yearbook ID Code is 4871118 or you can search for the school name.  The deadline for ordering is March 9, 2018.













For yearbook questions, to volunteer for the yearbook committee or to donate pictures for yearbook, please email Jill Vaughan at

Photo Donations

If you would like to donate pictures for the yearbook, we would love your help! The website to upload pictures is and the access code is TMHPGF.

The space for people to upload is limited so if you would like to submit more than 5 pictures, please send a CD or jump drive to the Yearbook Committee (jump drives will be returned).

Photo Requirements:

  • Submit in high quality (not too blurry – a little blur can sometimes be artsy) at least 300dpi
  • Have any editing already completed (red eye removal, etc.)

Types of pictures to be submitted would be (but not limited to, of course):

  • First day of school
  • During lunch
  • On field trips
  • On the days the kids dress up for school spirit weeks
  • Tie dye week
  • Carnival and other PTA events
  • We love to capture faces! Students by themselves or in small groups is always a good choice.


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